Tuomas Tammero verstärkt die Royals

Heute stellen wir Euch Tuomas Tammero, einen weiteren Neuzugang für die O-Line vor.

Der 1.90m große und 130kg schwere Tammero stammt aus Turku in Finnland. Bei den Royals trifft er unter anderem auf seinen ehemaligen Teamkameraden bei denTrojans – Niall Scott-Grant.

‚In Lane and Tuomas, we’ve added two young and extremely talented guys to an already impressive group. I can’t wait to get to work and throw some stuff at these guys.‘ freut sich Offensive Coordinator Will Furlong auf die kommenden Aufgaben.

Wir haben mit Tuomas über Potsdam und seine Ziele für 2018 gesprochen:

Why did you choose Potsdam?

From all the teams I was speaking to after last season, Potsdam seemed to be the most professional organisation. A few of my former team mates were familiar with the organization and I heard nothing but good things about the royals.

Tammero in Aktion für die Turku Trojans (Finnland) Foto: Kari Toivonen

This is your first time playing in the GFL, what are your expectations for 2018?

I expect a very competetivie league with a lot of good teams and players and a bit higher level of play than in the Finnish Maple League. The Royals are a new team in the league, but from what I’ve heard from the coaching staff, I think that the Royals have the potential to make a playoff run.

How would you describe yourself as a player and what can we expect from you on the field?

Expect a guy who plays from snap to a second or two after the whistle. That’s what I’ve been taught my whole career and every year I try to be a bigger bully on the field than the previous season.

Who is the best player you’ve played with or against?

To this I’m going to say Karri Kuuttila. He was my head coach last year, and a fellow offensive lineman before that for a few years. A great player and a leader, who helped a group of offensive linemen here in Turku get a lot better.

Favorite NFL Team? Green Bay Packers

Favorite NFL player? The Iron Man, Joe Thomas

Wir heißen Tuomas bei den Royals herzlich Willkommen! Bleibt dran, es folgen weitere Ankündigungen für die Saison 2018!



Kari Toivonen
Samppas Photography: http://www.samppas.net